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Introduce a Therapy Dog Into Your Practice...

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What's Included?

The PAWS Therapy Dog Certification is the most comprehensive and supportive programme that will
equip you and your dog with everything you need to know, and do, to deliver safe and effective animal-assisted therapy.

You'll access:

Four Comprehensive Modules
Access easy-to-follow and bitesized Video Lessons that will walk you through everything you need to know and do.

In-Person Dog Assessment

One of our expert trainers will visit your practice in-person to give you guidance, training recommendations and see your therapy dog 'at work' .

LIVE Zoom Supervision Sessions
Attend live Supervision Sessions with Nici and fellow PAWS Therapy Dog Practitioners, to seek support and ask questions.

Client Tools & Templates
Access the comprehensive kit of tools, templates, policies and training journals to support you and your dog along the journey.

Access via Mobile App
Take your learning to the next level by accessing video lessons and downloads on-the-go with our easy App for Apple and Android.

Private Community Group
Share your discoveries, your wins and get support and inspiration from fellow Practitioners who are making a difference.

Ongoing Expert Support
You're never alone when you're part of PAWS. The expert team are on-hand to help, just reach out!

Welcome Pack
Kickstart your PAWS Therapy Dog journey with the jam-packed welcome pack when you enrol.

Specifically Designed For:

Therapists & Counsellors

Clinical or Counselling Psychologists

Psychotherapists & Psychiatrists

Holistic Therapists

Animal-Assisted Therapy is fast becoming the most popular option in across the UK...and for very good reason! 

Extensive research studies have shown that Animal-Assisted Therapy can:

  • Support children, young people and adults
  • ​ Promote higher participation and reduction in withdrawal behaviours 
  • ​ Effectively reduce stress and anxiety
  • ​Improve self-esteem and self-determination
  • ​​ Stimulate memory and problem solving
  • ​ Lower blood pressure
  • ​​Increase engagements and positive outcomes in rehabilitation
  • ​Increase verbal and non-verbal communication 
  • ​​ Foster positive emotions and mood 
  • ​ Help clients to express their feelings
  • ​ Help to develop social skills
  • ​Boost quality of life

And ultimately, improve the outcome of the therapy.


What PAWS Practitioners Say...

"I am really enjoying the PAWS therapy training.  It is produced in bite size chunks so even the busiest of people can enrol without having to factor in huge study time slots. I love the bond that I have with my dog and this training is now increasing and enriching our lives together and will allow us to work together within the therapeutic field."

- Rachel Swanton

"I love the modules they are easy to watch! The group is fab for ongoing support and encouragement and the supervision group was an extra surprise that I found very useful and keeps me on track. I recommend this course to anyone!"

- Nicola Hughes

"I was drawn to [Nici's] way of doing things properly, thoroughly, her commitment to checking in with her clients and their dogs and her overall support, qualities that I hadn't seen in other trainings. I am early in her training... and my relationship with my dog has strengthened and I am sure all the hurdles that I will face going forward, Nici will be there to support some more."

- Jane Jiggs

Nicola Maxwell,
Founder of PAWS

Meet Nici

People and Animal Wellbeing Services (better known as PAWS) is the culmination of a very personal journey that started over six years ago, when I had a dawning realisation that my daughter was really struggling. 

Since then, I have completed numerous qualifications in Animal Assisted Therapy, Understanding Autism, Counselling, Mental Health First Aid and a Dog Training Certification which has led me to fulfil my life’s work to enhance the wellbeing of those who experience poor mental health, disability or social disadvantage. 

PAWS is more than a passion for me... It’s a mission, to bring the magic of Animal Assisted Therapy to those who can most benefit. 

The PAWS Story So Far...

PAWS (People & Animal Wellbeing Services) is one of the UK's Leading authorities on
Animal Assisted Learning and Animal Assisted Interventions.

We proudly support hundreds of therapeutic professionals, educational establishments
and organisations to safely incorporate dogs to assist in providing essential wellbeing
and mental health support. 

Honestly speaking, the results our clients achieve are far beyond anything we could have ever hoped or dreamed of - and we are delighted to share with you the power of the special work we do. 


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